List of teachers of adult and youth courses 2018

Roberta FONTANA Modern contemporary
Tarek AIT MEDDOUR Modern and Répertoire
Alain GRUTTADAURIA Modern’Jazz
Andreas LAUCK Modern’Jazz
Bastien NOZERAN Modern’Jazz Contact
Jonathan HUOR Jazz lyric
Rachid NACHMY Jazz Stretching
GAGA method
Anaïs LHEUREUX Safe ® Bar, Safe ® Floor

List of teachers of the children’s course 2018

Charlène ADELL Classic
Tinka TIZIEN Jazz
DJOU (Julie Carosone) Hip-Hop
Moira CIUCA Jazz

Laura Vilar

  • Training at the Varium School of Anna Sanchez in Barcelona and then dancer in several companies, Transit, The Inconnexa of Anna Sanchez, Lanònima Imperial and currently the Cie Cobos Mika.
  • irector of her company “[fi : l] “.
  • Visiting professor in Spain, France, Denmark…
  • Laura will ensure two contemporary courses at two levels, with technical study of the worn, adapting to the body of the other for the performance of the work.
  • Web Site: www.lauravilar.blogspot.com

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Roberta Fontana
Modern contemporary

  • Professor and international choreographer of modern and contemporary dance.
  • She teaches at IALS in Rome and is frequently invited as a teacher and choreographer in important Master’s Classes in Europe. 
  • Musical performance is the essential element of his style that enhances the dynamics, technique and the expression of the dancer.
  • She danced for many productions television, including ‘Domenica In’ 1990, ‘ Sotto a chi tocca’1996, ‘ Carramba’1998, ‘ Campioni di ballo 1999, ‘ Telethon 2001-2002-2004, Sanremo 2002 Rock. Also for cinema whose ‘ Occhiopinocchio’1994, ‘ Replay’1998 Mr.
  • Her style develops best on the theatrical stage where it highlights its expressive qualities.
  • She was part of many companies, including ‘Bob’s Jazz Dance Group’ direct R. Salaorni (Todi Festival 1995), ‘beauty and the beast’ Paris 1994, Rock Schok’Paris 1995, ‘‘Quando c’era il varietà’ ‘ Romolo Siena, ‘Othello’ L. Petrini 1996, ‘Artoons’ corSD’ Ettore 1997.
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Tarek Ait Meddour


  • After training at the International Academy of dance in Paris in ballet and Jazz and many “Master-Classes” in dance and choreographic workshops, Tarek dancs at the Paris National Opera, at the Royal Opera in London, with the company Brumachon to the CCN of Nantes and acts as choreographer in particular as choreographer of the acrobatic show of ‘Tarzan’ for Disneyland. In collaboration with Giuliano Peparini he comes for events at Rome and Naples.
  • Currently Tarek is dancer and choreographer in Tatiana Seguin’ company “Makiato” at the choreographic Centre of Créteil and is assistant in his classes.
  • You can see a preview of his courses and his style of dance on Vimeo : Video 1 ou Video 2

Repertoire Courses

  • This course is open to dancers who are at least 16 years old.
  • You can buy tickets to participate in this course only the first two days of the internship. The work of the choreographer is based on the continuity of the 6 days, and out of respect for him, we thank you for your understanding.
  • Tarek will work on one of his choreographies during the week of internship.
  • During this repertoire course, dancers will follow the teacher’s choreographic path and be guided by his gestures.
  • This course is a unique way to enter the choreographic world of Tarek Aït Meddour…

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Alain Gruttadauria

Choreographer, international Professor, amazing mix of jazz and contemporary influences.

  • Director of its subsidized company “A.Gruttadauria La Licorne”, it offers multiple choreographic pieces that make him, one of the mold-breaker of this new European dance: Wolf, are you there? (2009), Catches dreams (2010), Poison (2011) S, D & R 2 (2012), Cell phone (2014), which currently meet a great success. 
  • Professor at the Harmonic studio and at the center of the Performing Arts in Paris, and r at Epsedanse Montpellier; his teaching has surprising gestures, playing between aesthetics, power and virtuosity, his style is based on energy, with acceleration and fragmentation of the movement.  www.Compagnie-gruttadauria.com

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Andreas Lauck

He was a dancer in various companies :  Ramon Oller, Ruy Horta, Roberto Galvan, Matthew Hawkins and Anna Sanchez.

  • Choreographer for professional and semi-professional companions in Germany, Spain and Holland. Visiting Professor in many courses in Europe.
  • Director of its school of dance for professional dancers in Saarlouis.

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Bastien Nozeran

  • Teacher in Paris at the Studio Harmonic, the Juste Debout School and at Heartpoint in Paris.
  • Choreographer for the Company. ” Incidence ”, coach of the film “Arrête de pleurer Penelope.”
  • Dancer-performer for Redha (Le Sicilien) for Kamel Ouali (Cleopatra), G. Peparini (Sidaction 2011), as well as in the Modern ‘Jazz and contemporary Companies of D.Lesdema, Morvan, Pat R’ Obine.
  • Artistic Director of the “company Bastien Nozeran/Pure”. Guest in internships in France, Germany, Italy.

His Modern’ Jazz/Contact courses allow the dancers to acquire a good technical and artistic progression. The course includes a toolbar with guided improvisation and progressive contact drills, with work of doors, leading to variations in duo or trio of Modern ‘Jazz style.

Web site
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Jonathan Huor
Lyrical Jazz

  • Of Cambodian origin, he was invited to continue his training in dance in Switzerland, France, New York and London.
  • Congratulated for his work as dancer, choreographer, teacher, he has participated in many productions: ‘So you think you can dance’, ‘Miss Saïgon’, Jesus Christ Super Star” and has danced in international tours H.A.I.R, Casse-Noisette…
  • Visiting Professor in many courses for master classes in France, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Malaysia, Japan, Australia.
  • Innovative in its teaching, dynamic and very original, it is at the forefront of the choreographic creations of today. Choreographer for “Le Cirque du Soleil ‘.
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Bruno Vandelli

  • Choreographer and Director. Director of the international Centre of dance Vandelli-Masson, forming professional dancers.
  • International, guest teacher-trainer in many courses. Member of juries for obtaining the diploma of State of Jazz dance and national and international competitions.
  • Choreographer of Olympic champions in 2002 (Marina Anissima and Gwendal Peizerat) ice dance. Jury and choreographer of Popstar. Choreographer of the 1st world flash mob.
  • Director of his company ‘Métamorphe

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Rachid Nachmy
Jazz Stretching

  • His teaching is based on techniques that develop a sense of the weight of the suspension, the work of the Center…, his body approach is rooted in a tinted world of the warm colors of Arab culture.
  • At 15, Rachid began training in classical and modern dance with Rabih bird at the national Conservatory of Casablanca. Four years later, he went to the center of dance Micheline Bourdelon or he discovered the Modern’Jazz, then he continued his training in Europe: Belgium (Dance Center Barbara Maigret de Reforma), in France (Rick Odums, Bruce Taylor…  ).
  • At the same time he followed many courses in Morocco, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. In 2004, he graduated from State teacher of dance Jazz dance, Anne-Marie Porras Epse and Rudy Bryans in Montpellier. He was a dancer for the companies Ballet Theatre Zeb, Resonance and ballet Jazzart Raza Hammadi..

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Caroline Boussard

GAGA method

  • Formed at the CNSMD de Paris in contemporary dance, this is where Caroline has met the Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin of the company BATSHEVA.
  • An interpreter of the company BATSHEVA DANCE Company for 10 years, she works with famous choreographers such as Mats Ek, Sharon Eyal, Paul Selwyn Norton, Yasmeen Dildor, Ronit Ziv, Yossi Berg.
  • Repeater of the Company for a year, Caroline became certified teacher of the movement and language of Ohad Naharin, the GAGA.
  • In 2009, she has left the company and taught BATSHEVA’s repertoire in companies around the world (Finland, Scotland, Holland, Sweden).
    At the same time, she studied Ilan Lev’s method of therapy and from 2010 to 2016, she collaborated on the projects of Maria Kong’s troupe in Tel Aviv.
  • Since returning to France in 2017, Caroline teaches the GAGA method and the BATSHEVA repertoire throughout Europe.

GAGA method

  • GAGA method
  • Gaga is a movement language developed by Ohad Naharin over the years and which is practiced and exercised daily by the members of the Batsheva Dance Company.
    The GAGA language comes from the belief that movement is healing, dynamic and constantly evolving and continues to evolve today.
  • Gaga is a method that helps to gain knowledge and awareness of the body. It improves flexibility, physical condition and agility while awakening the senses and imagination.
  • Gaga proposes to reinforce physical fragility and to discover new ways to reduce weaknesses and possible pain. This work improves instinctive movement and connects conscious and unconscious movements. It gives access to an experience of freedom and pleasure dressed comfortably to dance, in a pleasant place, accompanied by music, each with himself and others.

The Gaga has two types of courses: The Gaga/People and the Gaga/Dancers..

  • The Gaga/people is open to the public and accessible to anyone, from the age of 14, without the need for previous experience.
  • Gaga/people classes last one hour and are taught by dancers who have worked closely with Ohad Naharin. The teachers guide the participants using a series of evolving instructions. Rather than copying a particular movement, each participant should actively explore these instructions by discovering how to interpret them and accomplish the proposed task.
  • Gaga/people classes offer a creative framework that allows you to connect with your body and imagination, increase physical awareness, improve flexibility, physical condition and experience the pleasure in movement in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.
  • Gaga/dancers courses are open to dance professionals and students 16 years of age and older. These courses last one and a quarter hours and are built on the same principle as the Gaga/people courses but they make more use of the knowledge dancers have, namely a specific vocabulary and particular body skills.

The “repertoire” classes

  • The “repertoire” classes offer the opportunity to learn excerpts from Ohad Naharin’s choreographic works. The GAGA dancers classes are complementary with the “repertoire” class.

We become more aware of our movement. We connect to the meaning of infinite possibilities. “We explore multidimensional movement” – Ohad Naharin

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Safe ® Bar, Safe ® Floor

  • Anaïs obtained her Diploma of Choreographic Studies at the National Conservatory of Chalon-sur-Saône with a gold medal.
  • She was subsequently hired by the Junior Ballet in Geneva and was the interpreter of international choreographers.
  • She has continued her artistic career with various companies such as Gilschamber, Osmosis-Ali Safa, Artonik, Julien Ficely, Samir Elyamni, Equinoxe, ADLC Cie.
  • Spotted by pedagogical choreographer Alexandre MUNZ, Anais embodies the roles of each of her new choreographic creations.
    It is then that Anaïs discovered a certain interest in the methods of SAFE and began providing punctually some courses of Alexandre MUNZ in Paris.
  • A state-educated pedagogue in classical dance, Anaïs Lheureux teaches safe BARRE, safe FLOOR and safe MOVE within the MAISON MUNZ in Paris, Marseille and Avignon.

What is the SAFE ® method?

  • Multi Award-winning International for their therapeutic and performative virtues, the SAFE ® effects are immediate on the body.
  • Everyone finds concrete answers to improve his/her daily life.
  • Awarded by France and the USA, the impacts of SAFE ® are called “revolutionary” by the practitioners and the press.
  • In reality, the explanation for this soft restorative approach is neuro-muscular. 
  • Created by former Etoile star Alexandre Munz, SAFE ® FLOOR reveals a body’s ability to instantly generate tonicity and muscle relaxation, a natural ability to regenerate. 
  • Regardless of age, audiences access a deeper muscular dimension to stimulate their central nervous system, to clean up persistent parasitic tensions. 
  • On the ground, without weight of gravity and without music, practitioners discover how much the spine and the central nervous system have resources when they interact.
  • Safe ® Bar is a cross-chain front bar linking classical dance with the Basics of Safe ®.
  • In 14 years of experience at the highest level, SAFE ® bar has proven to be a flamboyant shortcut for the smallest, a nugget for training and rehabilitation of dancers.
  • By revisiting the backbone of the work at the helm, in contemporary biomechanics and classical dance, the SAFE ® bar reinforces the technique. Everything here is designed to serve your mastery and your health.

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Charlene Adell

  • Formed in several large schools, Charlene feeds on various dance disciplines.
  • She graduated to artist-dancer as well as the diploma of Professor of classical dance.
  • A professional dancer for different shows, she uses her artistic experiences to pass on her knowledge to her students.
  • Classical dance brings the placement of the body, the work of “len-dehors” while developing the artistic sense, listening to music and music movements coordination…
  • Charlene works with “images” so that the imagination brings the sensations of the body in a fun way.
  • Teaching is a real desire to share her passion with students.

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Tinka Tizien

  • Of Dutch origin, Tinka has trained in several schools in the Netherlands.
  • Visiting professor at various schools of dance in France and Holland.
  • She was a dancer in several television show and has participated in different projects of show in Holland and then in France from 1989 to 1997.
  • Today she is Director of the school “Papillon Danse” and the International Festival of Creation and Movement in Montpellier.
  • Her dynamic and playful teaching allows children to progress with pleasure.

Butterfly Dance Association Web site
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Djou (Julie Carosone)

  • Training in Hip Hop with Jawad (All’style), Adil (HipHipHop), Tony Georges, and Kriss Leyo during different fetivals. Graduated from ‘Danse Urbaines” since 2010, CQP ALS holder and learning BPJEPS Form.
  • Training in Modern’Jazz with Celia and Sabrina Giordano and Sophie Season
  • Multidisciplinary dancer, she searches the crossbreedin, She is the founder of, and member of the expressive crew.
  • Dancer for the company Equinox “Ilona and the magic book”.
  • Choreographer of many creations awarded in contest
  • Hip-Hop teacher in several schools of the Occitanie region and host of various festivals.

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Moira Ciuca

  • Trained in EPSE DANSE in Montpellier in Jazz, Modern’Jazz, Contemporary and classical, Moïra obtained her state diploma in jazz.
  • She is also a graduate in dance choreography.
  • She teaches for the beginners and confirmed dancers at the Heart Point Studio in Paris and at the studio Odoriko in Châtillon.
  • Dancer for the PurE company of Bastien Nozeran since 2013, Moira has also worked for Alice Debords’ Mouvance d’Art company as well as the Ray Morvan As de Trèfle company. 

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